AmateurGolf.com 2017 Monterey Four-Ball presented by Callaway Golf
May 06 - 07 2017
Pacific Grove, CA


Tournament Overview

Fun two man event at the wonderful Pacific Grove Golf Links, known to many as "The Poor Man's Pebble Beach." That's because the back nine plays right along the Pacific Ocean in an out-and-back links style layout.


Pacific Grove Golf Links Pacific Grove Golf Links
77 Asilomar Blvd
Pacific Grove, CA  93950-2037
phone: (831) 648-5775
url: www.pggolflinks.com
Senior Championship
16763130Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
16763130Frank PieperCarmel, CA
37163134Mitch HarrisonAcampo, CA
37163134Charles RichesinLodi, CA
56868136Wayne BassClayton, CA
56868136Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
77167138Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CA
77167138Pete WlodkowskiCarlsbad, CA
97267139Casey BoynsMonterey, CA
97267139Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
116872140Geoff CouchWatsonville, CA
116872140Kevin KobalterSan Rafael, CA
136972141Terry AckermanCarmel Valley, CA
136972141David HemrickAptos, CA
157171142Kenneth DiekerModesto, CA
157171142Chad SwanValley Springs, CA
177370143Bob SchoenherrDublin, CA
177370143Jim WelshSan Jose, CA
1972ncncKurt DillardSalinas, CA
1972ncncCraig LingMonterey, CA
16262124Gary BeeneSunnyvale, CA
16262124Del MastersSan Jose, CA
36859127Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
36859127Abi VickramSan Jose, CA
56467131Frank BorgesModesto, CA
56467131Brad PezoldtModesto, CA
76963132Luis MirandaModesto, CA
76963132Stephen MortModesto, CA
76567132Butch PirroneModesto, CA
76567132Tom SlaterModesto, CA
76666132Chris AlessioLos Gatos, CA
76666132matt brodyCARMEL, CA
136767134Ski AngleHughson, CA
136767134Matt CravenModesto, CA
157065135Charles BalishaTurlock, CA
157065135Peter BalishaTurlock, CA
176769136Kevin CassidySan Francisco, CA
176769136Leo CassidySan Francisco, CA
197067137Mark HealdTurlock, CA
197067137Steve WardaTurlock, CA
196869137Vincent SteeleConcord, CA
196869137Rob VieiraStockton, CA
237365138Marc SandersTurlock, CA
237365138Tom SilvaTurlock, CA
237068138Adam HighTurlock, CA
237068138Rob HilemanDenair, CA
277567142John BorrelliNewman, CA
277567142James BrendaTurlock, CA
297571146Dominic DiTullioSan Jose, CA
297571146Garrison RajkovichSan jose, CA
3167wdwdBrandon GandySan Diego, CA
3167wdwdTyler HurstVista, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday May 7 follow.

Tee #01A 08:00 AM
Casey BoynsMonterey, CASenior Championship
Mark MillerBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CASenior Championship
Pete WlodkowskiCarlsbad, CASenior Championship
Tee #11A 08:00 AM
John BorrelliNewman, CANet
James BrendaTurlock, CANet
Dominic DiTullioSan Jose, CANet
Garrison RajkovichSan jose, CANet
Tee #12A 08:00 AM
Adam HighTurlock, CANet
Rob HilemanDenair, CANet
Charles BalishaTurlock, CANet
Peter BalishaTurlock, CANet
Tee #12B 08:00 AM
Mark HealdTurlock, CANet
Steve WardaTurlock, CANet
Marc SandersTurlock, CANet
Tom SilvaTurlock, CANet
Tee #13A 08:00 AM
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CANet
Abi VickramSan Jose, CANet
Tee #13B 08:00 AM
Luis MirandaModesto, CANet
Stephen MortModesto, CANet
Vincent SteeleConcord, CANet
Rob VieiraStockton, CANet
Tee #14A 08:00 AM
Ski AngleHughson, CANet
Matt CravenModesto, CANet
Kevin CassidySan Francisco, CANet
Leo CassidySan Francisco, CANet
Tee #15A 08:00 AM
Frank BorgesModesto, CANet
Brad PezoldtModesto, CANet
Gary BeeneSunnyvale, CANet
Del MastersSan Jose, CANet
Tee #15B 08:00 AM
Butch PirroneModesto, CANet
Tom SlaterModesto, CANet
Chris AlessioLos Gatos, CANet
matt brodyCARMEL, CANet
Tee #16A 08:00 AM
Bob SchoenherrDublin, CASenior Championship
Jim WelshSan Jose, CASenior Championship
Tee #17A 08:00 AM
Mitch HarrisonAcampo, CASenior Championship
Charles RichesinLodi, CASenior Championship
Kenneth DiekerModesto, CASenior Championship
Chad SwanValley Springs, CASenior Championship
Tee #18A 08:00 AM
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CASenior Championship
Frank PieperCarmel, CASenior Championship
Geoff CouchWatsonville, CASenior Championship
Kevin KobalterSan Rafael, CASenior Championship
Tee #18B 08:00 AM
Wayne BassClayton, CASenior Championship
Michael HardingEncinitas, CASenior Championship
Terry AckermanCarmel Valley, CASenior Championship
David HemrickAptos, CASenior Championship

Senior Championship
Terry AckermanCarmel Valley, CA
Wayne BassClayton, CA
Casey BoynsMonterey, CA
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
Geoff CouchWatsonville, CA
Kenneth DiekerModesto, CA
Kurt DillardSalinas, CA
Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CA
Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
Mitch HarrisonAcampo, CA
David HemrickAptos, CA
Kevin KobalterSan Rafael, CA
Craig LingMonterey, CA
Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
Frank PieperCarmel, CA
Charles RichesinLodi, CA
Bob SchoenherrDublin, CA
Chad SwanValley Springs, CA
Jim WelshSan Jose, CA
Pete WlodkowskiCarlsbad, CA
Chris AlessioLos Gatos, CA
Ski AngleHughson, CA
Charles BalishaTurlock, CA
Peter BalishaTurlock, CA
Gary BeeneSunnyvale, CA
Frank BorgesModesto, CA
John BorrelliNewman, CA
James BrendaTurlock, CA
matt brodyCARMEL, CA
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
Kevin CassidySan Francisco, CA
Leo CassidySan Francisco, CA
Matt CravenModesto, CA
Dominic DiTullioSan Jose, CA
Brandon GandySan Diego, CA
Mark HealdTurlock, CA
Adam HighTurlock, CA
Rob HilemanDenair, CA
Tyler HurstVista, CA
Del MastersSan Jose, CA
Luis MirandaModesto, CA
Stephen MortModesto, CA
Brad PezoldtModesto, CA
Butch PirroneModesto, CA
Garrison RajkovichSan jose, CA
Marc SandersTurlock, CA
Tom SilvaTurlock, CA
Tom SlaterModesto, CA
Vincent SteeleConcord, CA
Abi VickramSan Jose, CA
Rob VieiraStockton, CA
Steve WardaTurlock, CA

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Access Code:

Carmel Mission Inn
3665 Rio Rd.
Carmel, CA 93923
Rate Code: Amateur Golf

NOTE: A special rate for the Carmel Mission Inn, which is very convenient for Pacific Grove Golf Links, will be posted in mid-December.

We have a new Carmel/Monterey hotel, and you'll love the amenities and location! The Carmel Mission Inn is located perfectly for any of AmateurGolf.com's Monterey Peninsula events. We love the hotel's boutique-style renovation, and location adjacent to a shopping center that has everything you would need to enjoy the weekend. Longtime Carmel-favorite The Rio Grill is steps away, as is The Carmel Valley Roasting Company for your morning coffee and bagels. We have secured an excellent player rate and hope you will take advantage of it.

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